How to Fertilize Lawns

Q -How do I fertilize my lawn? boasts lawn maintenance and starter fertilizers that strategically formulated for the ecological conditions of Nanaimo and Vancouver Island.

When seeding or sodding a lawn, 10-30-10 fertilizer should be applied. To promote extra root growth it is high in phosphorous which promotes healthy root growth and quicker establishment of your new lawn.

Maintenance fertilizing should be done 4 times per year using our slow release 30-4-8 fertilizer. This lasts about 90 days and will help your lawn stay strong, healthy while fending off dandylions.

Believe it or not there is such thing as Fall and Winter fertilizer. 28-3-8 helps maintain a lush and vibrant lawn right through October while giving the soil enough nutrients to strengthen winter hardiness. It also helps suppress disease and rapid spring growth.

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