Lawn and Garden Services

Here you will find a list of Nanaimo Lawn Care and Garden Services.


  • Leaf Blowing Whether you need Arbutus leaves cleaned up in the summer or Maple leaves in the fall we can have your outdoor living space clean and tidy in a jiffy.
  • Nanaimo Lawn Mowing – Having us mow your lawn is easy and affordable. We provide excellent lawn care service in and around Nanaimo including Qualicum Beach and Parksville. With packages starting at $70 per month you can spend the sunny days of summer on the beach instead of dealing with lawn mowers.
  • Planting and Weeding – Our staff is happy to weed, plant, lift, care and build your garden. Visit our site regularly for lots of gardening tips and soil secrets.
  • Soil and Compost Delivery – Consider this: A 50lb bag of soil costs about $8 on average. Delivery of 1 yard of deluxe fish compost, soil and mulch mix costs $130 and weighs between 950-1100lbs. This is no regular garden soil. It is ultra enriched with all sorts of organic organisms, bacteria, nutrients and compost particles that will have your garden popping. From one yard of soil you get 19-22 bags of soil. 19 bags of soil costs $152 at your local big box store. If you are building a garden this season or turning an aging garden over you can save big money by having us delivery your soil.


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